Bra Smart Travel

The Smart Way to Travel! 

How Does It Work?


Bra Smart Travel

Bra Smart Travel is an innovative travel accessory designed to keep women’s under garments organized and in their best possible shape.

No more embarrassing moments with airport security because Bra Smart Travel will keep your lingerie from being on public display should security choose to open your luggage. 

Once you reach your destination, simply open and hang the Bra Smart Travel Bag were it is the most convenient - with the added benefit of not having to unpack your lingerie into what might be unsanitary hotel drawers. 


Best of all, your bras will not get crushed and your panties & camis will stay organized . You'll have easy access to your lingerie since items are clearly visible once the bag is open. There’s even a zippered compartment to put items to be laundered.

Your bras will never be crushed in your suitcase again!

  • Can hold as many as 6 bras!
  • Hang it in the closet, on the bathroom door, or any door knob.
  • No more embarrassing moments at airport security.
  • Keep your undergarments safely tucked away from prying eyes.
  • Unpacking is a breeze! Both at your destination and when you arrive home.
  • Cleans up with just a damp cloth.
  • Makes a great gift.

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