Bra Smart Travel What a brilliant way to stay in shape on the go - for by BRAS that is.  I recently traveled to Kentucky for  a weekend wedding requiring various bras for each outfit (strapless, criss-cross, black demi).  The Bra Smart Travel kit honestly saved the day.  It fit in the same corner of my suitcase that I  had originally stuffed all my bras.  AND, no muss, no fuss...it hung up right in the closet when I arrived.  Hooray for Lisa for really figured this thing out and taking the hassle out of organizing and packing bras, panties, and even stockings that can be rolled up and tucked into the corners.  My congratulations to one Smart Broad.  I am all for anything that makes women's lives just a little bit easier.  
Coach Minx, Florida
I wasn't sure if the Bra Smart would fit my bra's and it did! The curved shaped sides made it so all of my bra's fit perfect, including my old stretched out ones and my new ones without stretching them and they dried perfectly!
- Francis Goldstein
I have my Bra Smart hanging in my closet at all times and I like to leave my bra on it to help it keep it's shape.  I pay $70 to $200 for my bras and I don't want to cram it back in my drawer.  To me it is more than something to dry my bra on, it is a mold that helps preserve the shape and form of my bra so they last longer.
Thanks SmartBroad!!!
Lauren Belinsky
I wear WACOAL Bras and Bra Smart fits them perfectly!!!    I can't believe I have been just throwing my bras that I pay so much money for over a doorknob.  Someone needs to tell the Wacoal Company about Bra Smart.    Finally a Bra Hanger!!!!!   Thank you for giving all us ladies the right answer.  My daughter is getting married and I am giving her Bra Smart Travel as one of her shower gifts.
Cynthia Mann, New York
I love my Bra Smart!!! It fits my Spanx bra like a glove.  I bought 6 in a 36 D.   Very cool.  We just went on vacation and myself and my 3 girls used the Bra Smart Travel.   MY HUSBAND WAS SO HAPPY NOT TO SEE ALL OF OUR BRAS AND PANTIES EVERYWHERE  IN OUR HOTEL ROOM FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!  We love your products.  Keep inventing.
Jennifer, Sarah, Kimberly and Lynn
Chicago, IL.